undergrad texts on foucault? -Reply

Hi Clare
I say make them read Foucault. Discipline and punish,
Power/Knowledge, History of sexuality and Foucault Live would be my
recommendations. I also really like Technologies of the self and the
direction that Foucault was taking. Probably what you should do is
choose your favourites, talk about why they are your favourites, and
really sell Foucault to your students. Perhaps use Rabinow's Foucault
reader as an introduction. As a beginner I found that Foucault was
easier to read than books about Foucault, and a hell of a lot more

One of my favourite books is Saint Foucault, because Halperin so
eloquently expresses his passion for Foucault's work.

Judy Motion
University of Waikato
New Zealand

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