Re: undergrad texts on foucault?

Dear Clare,

In agreement with another member I would say to encourage your students to read
Foucault or maybe parts of certain texts. when I was an Undergrad. ( not long
ago!) I spent about a year getting freaked out at the thought of reading someone
so difficult. I read all the secondary sources and was very confused.
I eventually plucked up the courage to read 'Madness and Civilisation' and found
it more interesting, entertaining and, yes, readable than I ever expected. Still
I haven't read much more...!

There are 2 Foucault For Beginners Books. The one I read and liked is published
in London by Ikon Books. I believe the other one is a US publisher but it is a
different book completely.

All the best,

Rebekah Bale

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