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>>And don't forget _La Volent=E9 de savoir_ was translated as _History of
>>Sexuality_ instead of _The Will to Know_.

>Yes, well...and: 'L'histoire de la folie' (or, Folie et deraison); 'Let
>mots et les choses'; L'usage des plaisirs' (plural), etc.

Yes, but don't be to severe with Sheridan (the translator). Originally,
I have read everything in french, but I am now reading the translations
(for the sake of academic communication), and I find them very good, if
you consider the hard task... Foucault's style is unique, and he often
plays with the douple signification of a word. For instance,
"Assujettir" means (1) to dominate someone; (2) to make someone a
subject of knowledge; (3) both, in the context of power-knwoledge. I
think you can't have really better translations. If it is not enough,
learn french.

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