Re: Foucault and Freud

> I'm a student from University of BrasÌlia and a member of research
>groupe on sexuality, we are using as theoretical bases Foucalt and
>Freud. Could any one sugest any reading or author that has alredy worked
>with this subject comparing the two authors?
> RogÈrio Gimenes Giugliano
> Department of Sociology-Sol
> Institute os Social Science-ICS
> University of BrasÌlia- UnB


It's surprising that it's a brasilian who asked this question. Foucault
made conferences in Brasil about this subject (his reading of Freud) which
are not translanted in french (Not even in "dits et écrits" which is
suppose to be exhaustive). I can't give any reference, I've read somewhere
that he is a bit ambivalent in these texts. That's probably why there's
still no translation (?)
Sorry to be so imprecise.


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