Re: Foucault and Freud

A few cites that deal with both Foucault and Freud ...

Bersani, Leo, "Foucault, Freud, Fantasy, and Power." _GLQ_ 2:1/2 =

(1995), 11-33.

Derrida, Jacques, "'To Do Justice to Freud': The History of Madness in =

the Age of Psychoanalysis." Translated by Anne Pascale Brault =

and Michael Naas. _Critical Inquiry_ 20 (Winter 1994), 227-266.

Dervin, Daniel, Foucault's Preemption of Freud's Sexual Discourse and A =

Return to the Repressed." In _Enactments_ (Fairleigh Dickinson =

University Press / Associated University Presses, 1996) pp. =


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Genealogy, and the Historicization of Psychoanalysis" In =

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(Oxford, UK and Cambridge, MA: Blackwell, 1994).


Jeffrey Hearn
Department of History
University of Maryland, College Park

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Subject: Foucault and Freud
Author: "Rogerio Giugliano" <rogeriog@xxxxxxxxxxx> at Internet =

Date: 10/30/97 7:22 AM


I'm a student from University of Bras=EDlia and a member of research =

groupe on sexuality, we are using as theoretical bases Foucalt and =

Freud. Could any one sugest any reading or author that has alredy =

worked with this subject comparing the two authors? =


Rog=E9rio Gimenes Giugliano
Department of Sociology-Sol
Institute os Social Science-ICS
University of Bras=EDlia- UnB

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