Dear all,

The idea that 'space' isn't something suitable for academic enquiry
wouldn't go down all that well amongst my colleagues! (Although I
personally think it might be a reasonable question at times).

There have been quite a lot of efforts by geographers over recent years to
try and develop some of Foucault's comments about power/space, in part to
position geography more centrally in contemporary social theory,
responding to F's comments on power/space when interviewed by the editors
of Herodotus - this is reprinted in Gordon's Power/Knowledge I think.

If you're interested you might have a look at:

Soja, E. (1989) Postmodern geographies: The reassertion of space in social

Philo, C. (1992) Foucault's geography. Environment and Planning D: Society
and Space, Vol.10, pp.137-161.

or, more recently, John Allen's chapter on power and space in the Lee, R.
and Wills, J. (eds.) (1997) "Geographies of economies" collection.

In my area of International Political Economy, there's also been quite a
lot written about sovereignty as being a particular configuration of
power/space, linking with Foucault's ideas about governmentality. You
might have a look at:

Kuehls, T. (1996) Beyond sovereign territory: The space of ecopolitics.
London: University of Minnesota Press.

I'd be interested to hear what other folks think is added or not by a more
explicit consideration of space, its production etc.


(nominally a geographer, but really a political economist!)

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