A Couple of Suggestions...

1) Don't *just* react to me.

2) React directly to Foucault as you see him, because I may be throwing out
extremities to throw you "off-center" (another Derridadadada trick...).

3) I'm going to wait for more feedback before I say anything more.

4) But sure-- bounce off of me, if you want, and eventually I will respond.

I have mixed emotions about the person, but I think he's someone to be
reckoned with. He's inundated academia to the point where he's now
considered the GodFather of Feminism by... one of my e-mail friends. When I
first read _Madness..._ (and we can still use "Sex" as our focal point,
because he uses similar themes), I thought: this is BRILLIANT.

No more from me for now.

Other views...?

---Randall Albright

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