Re: moderator?

A moderator sounds great. Anyone other than R. Albright, or I'd rather
read on my own.


On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, John Hartmann wrote:

> I'm going to post my own thoughts on the first "chapter," if you
> will, tomorrow, but tonight I'm curious as to what everyone thinks
> about this moderator idea. Personally, I think it's not too bad an
> idea... John Ransom, for example, might be just the person to give
> this enough respectability to keep it moving. Or Randall Albright
> might also be a good choice, seeing as he seems quite enthused about
> this reading. Or, we could just trust the members of the list to
> keep something of a collective mind and keep on truckin'.
> Ideas? Comments? Tomfoolery?
> john
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