Re: Sources Further Out...

>The Foucault list is getting a characteristic flavor of the inimitable
>hogwash dished out by Randall Albright. Enjoy, folks, as he works
>his destructive juju on yet another list.
>Tom Dillingham

Ah the sweet taste of acid drops! Can anyone on the list tell who is the
'real' villain? Damned sure I don't know.

Getting back to the book ... can someone explain why those three words
"Nous, autres Victoriens" (?) are important enough for list members to
expend so much intellectual effort on them? I'm not familiar with
Foucault's work in detail, and will need time to work on it, but at this
rate we might make Chapter Two by Christmas! Which means I'm supporting the
suggestion that we need a moderator and a reading schedule.

Colin Holmes

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