Re: Sources Further Out...

Tom, We were curious about the extent of Albrightian hogwash we can expect
on this list. Does this superfluous hornblowing continue for the duration
of an attempted close reading and discussion, or will the foul winds die
down at some point?
What other lists and readings have been infected, I'd be curious to see
how this virus was taken care of by searching the archives.
As for the attempted discussion, I hope we can get an actual reading and
discussion of Foucault under way on some kind of mutually agreeable terms
without any more false starts.
Thanks for your insights.

Earl Messer & Deanna McGaughey

On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, TOM DILLINGHAM wrote:

> The Foucault list is getting a characteristic flavor of the inimitable
> hogwash dished out by Randall Albright. Enjoy, folks, as he works
> his destructive juju on yet another list.
> Tom Dillingham

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