Re: Moving On (2)

So one day I was walking along peering into my kaleidoscope when I
tripped over a copy of a book by Foucault (maybe _History of Sexuality_,
but why sweat the small stuff) and as I was falling my head hit a
shelf full of books and they all fell on the ground around me, though
some re-injured my poor forehead. So there I was and I was fascinated
by how those books fell next to each other and I thought oh, gee, wow,
what insights, what larks, what an opportunity to flood the Foucault
list with my random associations based on haruspicating the internal
pages of all these books that I may or may not have understood in years
past when I read them. So here I find that Camille Paglia comments on
Lawrence who knew something about Revelation and told us all about
blood ties and semen stains and then I noticed that the newspaper told
us all about the president and his problems with spotting so I figured there
must be something in the culture, don't you know, that stimulates all the
organs and appendages to do strange things and that includes my brain which
likes to bubble over with all these fascinating ideas and apercus and
spread them among all the people who can possibly be reached through
the listservs and if anybody complains about the random associations
and inconsequential and irrelevant interpretations that I offer at
great and detailed length, well what right do they have to complain because
after all I am the list buster, I come on here to share all my wonderful
random associations with all the people and those tired academic pedants
have no business questioning my endless posts because after all they are
mine and if I ever manage to get up off the ground from under the pile
of books I knocked off the shelves I will explain to everyone how I have
a great and challenging educational background where I really showed all
those English profs how to do it right becuase I knew how to do it right
and I am so glad that everyone on the Foucault list agrees with me that
Foucault was right about everything (and wrong about everything) just
because I said so, and nobody better say anything different as long as I
am here because I am capable of flooding the list with ever longer and
more detailed accounts of my perceptions of the edges and fragments of
pages I manage to read while buried under the books I knocked down and
can read with the eye that is not still occupied with my kaleidoscope.

Scandall Bumbright

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