Re: Moving On (2)

Gee, thanks for proving this 12 year old's point.

Yes, my suggestion that we discuss methodologies is definately an
indication of my populism. Oh, did I say that, "all ideas are essentially
the same?" No, I don't think these were my words. Whip out your
dicktionary and reread my message, or don't, I really don't care.

I am sorry if I come across as policing the list. there is room for
several different readings. If you know, in advance, that you don't want
to see a message from me, my address or name will become farmiliar enough.
Just delete it.

See ya-all.

On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, TOM DILLINGHAM wrote:

> Wow, he do the police in different voices!
> Cheers for Mr. Carley's egalitarian idealism and populist fervor--
> so all expressions of all ideas are essentially the same and so
> all must be given equal respect and equal attention and never, no
> never (well hardly ever) mocked for their intransigent silliness
> and inconsequence. In other words, let the Foucault list (like
> the other Alblighted lists) descend to the level of a few
> 12 year old boys out behind the barn playing "you-show-me-yours-and
> I'll-show-you-mine"---right on.
> And my oh my, how well he plays that old thesaurus rag!
> Tom Dillingham

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