Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: New List Moderator

Dear List Members:

I figured I'd make a bit of an introductory announcement to follow
Flannon's announcement. As Flannon did say I will be performing the
moderator's role for the list. My personal style is very hands off, no
filtering, no fussing over what gets to count as appropriate subjects to
discuss, etc. unless things do get uncivil and out of hand, and I mostly
think groups such as this one self-police very well. I will however expect
to help out in any way I can, and to learn as much as possible from all

My area of research and passion is Contemporary Rhetorical Theory, with
special focus on narratives, identity, and memory. I moderate another list
on Latino/a Communication issues for the La Raza Caucus of the National
Communication Association. I do consider myself a novice about Foucault
and look forward to moderating and sharing with you all.

Best Regards,

Nathaniel I. Cordova
Department of Communication
University of Maryland
2126 Skinner Hall
College Park, MD 20742

On Tue, 17 Feb -1, Flannon Jackson wrote:

> It is my pleasure to announce that Nathaniel Cordova (cordova@xxxxxxxxxxx)
> has graciously agreed to take over moderation of this list, thus permitting
> me to retire. As always, "moderation" in this case does not imply that there
> is any filtering of messages -- all messages go directly to the list -- but is
> meant to denote the activity of taking care of the list, helping with technical
> problems, and nurturing things where they seem to need it. All these duties
> I happily put into Nathaniels' hands.
> Flannon

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