Re: Discourse, Knowledge, and Power in Education

Hi Kent,

Thanks for mentioning the book. It is an area of study I am interested in.
I will read the book soon and comment on it to you when I have. Have you
read it yet?

Mark Jensen
Univ. of Minnesota

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On 2/18/98, at 8:54 AM, Kent Lofgren wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone who had read the new book _Foucault's Challenge
>Discourse, Knowledge, and Power in Education_, which focuses on the
>implication of Foucault's work for the field of education, had any
>on it? The book (by Thomas S. Popkewitz, Marie Brennan, Eds.) is fairly
>(Dec. -97) so I don't know. Perhaps it's too early?
>Kent Lofgren
>Dept. of Education
>S-901 87 Umea University
>Phone: Int.+(0)90 786 64 32

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