HIV, should we accept?

sorry to have to post this but the list might be the only information
in which this information surfaces or is made accessible.
In a discussion occuring with a friend, he brought up the issue of whether
or not
morally and ethically we should accept foucault's theories,
considering the knowledge and recognition of his determined sexual health
and inability to
inform sexual partners of this malady? Unfortunately we were unable to go
further with
this issue seeing none of us knew the truth of the situation, or where the
implication evolved.
Eye have been attempting to locate the source material of this claim, to
put to use in an essay
regarding HIV, the teaching profession, respectable positions and the
"death of the author".
all surveying Foucault theories and practises, but have thus far only found
reminants in the text
Saint-Foucault. Is this information or source material available somewhere
could someone or the the list assist me here?
thank you in advance

S. Arden Hill
'SElf INDuceD deMENtia'
radio syntactation applied to silent oceans. wireless premonition.
remote audible agency."the musicians are always seen".
related to a bad lsd experience

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