Re: sexual ethics


I'm glad to see you are not, eigentlich, holding grudges for my insane
outbursts some time back.

I think I mentioned Christopher Lasch's The Culture of Narcissism (get a
used copy at an independent bookstore for two bucks), the chapter on
Abraham Lincoln and his seminal "self-help" ideology in Richard
Hofstadter's classic The American Political Tradition (Hofstadter, as I
understand it, was one of Lasch's early mentors at Columbia..). Then I
probably mentioned Herbert Marcuse and Norman O. Brown (if you look at
these two, don't miss Marcuse's critique of Brown "Love Mystified,"
responding to Brown's Love's Body). A wild list, but interconnected in
many intriguing ways, not least through Lasch himself, a radical and fan
of M. and B. in the Sixties (though clearly NOT a hippie, yippie, etc.).
Here is the Foucault connection, tenuous as it might seem: Starting in
the late '70s, Lasch started following Foucault (in fact, my recent copy
of History of Sexuality has a fawning blurb of a review Lasch wrote in
Psychology Today--THE magazine of the "Therapeutic Culture!!!!!") as he
edged toward cultural conservatism. But he constantly cites also
Phillip Rieff, who wrote Triumph of the Therapeutic: Uses of Faith after
Freud and Fellow Teachers, a forerunner of Allan Bloom's infamous tirade
"The Closing of Allan Bloom's Mind" (a little joke), roundly criticizing
F.T. in his last book Revolt of the Elites while wheezing in a footnote
that Closing "deserves more attention than it has gotten from the
academic left."

I'm not exactly sure what the boundaries of your study are, but as a
weekend reading list this might be a place to start (in re: American
thought, at least). Viel SpaB!

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>Hi Matthew Thrond,
>Would you mind repeating the references you gave in your most recent
>post? I pressed delete I meant to hit print. Thanks.
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>Thanks Anders, I will do. I appreciate your help.
>Any more, anyone??
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>Date: 18 February 1999 22:46
>Subject: Re: sexual ethics
>>I would take a look at 'Inventing our selves' by Nikolas Rose. Its
>focus is
>>on the extreme psychologization of our western culture. Rose is
>>inspired by Foucault and falls under the category 'good writing'...
>>Anders Schmidt, Denmark, Europe.
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