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Your thesis sounds fascinating - I'll check out those books you've mentioned
and I would love to see both the biblio and (if you don't mind) I'd love to
read more of your thesis, for inspiration!! You say you could talk about it
all day - well so could I, and hey, what else are these things for?!! I'm
not quite sure how you'd go about sending me stuff electronically (did you
mean electronically?) as I'm a complete novice at this technology malarky,
so let me know if I need to do something. I'll look out for your article,
too. Is that the English journal? Do you know when it will be in?

But tut tut Heidi! "For what it's worth"?? Obviously you haven't allowed
these self-help texts to chip away at your academic modesty! Seriously, I
really appreciate your help - I love this spirit of help and co-operation
that so many people have been showing to me. I always thought that academic
people were a nice lot, and now I have proof.


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>What a great project...!!!!
>It just so happens that I spent one year researching these same sorts of
>questions for my MA thesis, which in the end, very broadly speaking,
>demonstrated that popular psychology (ie self-help) can be conceived as a
>contemporary project of moral regulation which incites a governance of the
>self by the self which is intrinsicially linked with the governmental
>rationalities and technologies of power in advanced liberal societies. I
>examined three "types" of self-help texts (psycho-spiritual, codependency
>and the generic) and argued that self-reformation and the rapport a soi
>assumes different forms depending on the particular genre. Anyways, I
>could go on and on, but if you're interested in the thesis, or the biblio
>(which might save you a lot time), just let me know.
>I think Nick Rose's work is key, as is Mitchell Dean's. In addition to
>Rose's _Inventing Ourselves_ you might also want to look at:
>Rose, N. (1995) "Authority and the Genealogy of Subjectivity" in P.
>Heelas, S. Lash and P. Morris (eds) _Detraditionalization_
>Rose, N. (1990) _Governing the Soul: The Shaping of the Private Self_
>Other texts which might be useful:
>hacking, Ian (1986) "Making Up people" in T. Heller, M. Sosna and D.
>Wellbery (eds) _Reconstructing Individualism_
>kaminer, wendy _I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional: The Recovery
>Movement and Other Self-help fashions_
>Lasch, C. (1984) _The Minimal Self: Psychic Survival in Troubled Times_
>Poster, Mark (1993) "Focuault and the Problem of Self-Constitution" in J.
>Caputo and M. Yount (eds) _Foucault and the Critique of Institutions_
>Rieff, david (1966) _The Triumph of the Therapeutic_
>Simonds, Wendy (1992) _Women and Self-help Culture: Reading Between the
>Valverde, Mariana (1996) "'Despotism' and Ethical Liberal Governance" in
>_Economy and Society_ 9:1
>I found Foucault's discussions on the subject and power quite helpful (In
>_Michel Foucault: beyond S and H_).
>For what its worth, I also have a piece forthcoming in _Cultural Studies_
>entitled "Governing Citizens Through Self-Help Literature."
>I hope some of this helps.

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