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Thanks for the correction

Foucault is not mentioned in the movie of course, but the methods used to "discipline" the mad king reminded me of D. and P. by foucualt.


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>> I think the correct title of the movie i referred to is the madness

>> of king George. (?) { surveiller et punir}


>For the record, the movie is "The Madness of King George". It is based on

>a play called "The Madness of King George III". The producers of the

>movie dropped the "III"--or so the story goes--because they worried that

>Americans would think it was the second sequal to "The Madness of King

>George I". (By the way, there was a bit of discussion about the movie--

>and some others with Foucauldian themes, though none, I don't think,

>mentioning Foucault himself--on this list last summer.)




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