Re: foucault and film

Clifford writes
> Godard never poured scorn on any idea of Michel Foucault's. I
>don't know where you made or how you made this inference.

I have to admit that I have not as yet been able to get hold of Les
Chinoises, but I understand the allusion to Foucault is indirect rather
than direct. There was an idea going around that Les mots et les choses
contributed to 1968, but Godard disagrees with this and lampoons
intellectual pretention. The reference is in one of the published
journals of Claude Mauriac. Anybody out there seen the film? BTW, there
is an interview with Godard where he states he was unable to get past
the first chapter of Les mots et les choses. I can dig the reference out
for you if you like.


Clare O'Farrell
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