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When will your new book be coming out? I read somewhere that it will be out in May. What is it about? I like Foucault's Challenge so far, its a good book. I am reading all this
literature because I am a high school debater and next years topic calls for the federal govt to increase academic achievement in secondary schools in the US. We will argue a disciplinary
power position- that the statis quo schotsl systems only reaffirm the top-down power hierarchy that exists now, and that in reality power is ubiquitous (Sheridan). This is bad because it
doesnt assume revolts or backlashes and the fact that power relationships are somewhat unpredictable. Do you have any suggestions?


Tom Popkewitz wrote:

> there is ian hunter's rethinking schools, and stephen ball's foucault and education.
> >>> Ben Durham <ddiggler@xxxxxxxxx> 02/24/99 06:40PM >>>
> While we talk about Foucualt and prisons, I was curious if Foucault personally has done any writing critiqueing the education system. I know he makes references to it in Discipline and
> Punish, but is there a specific piece of literature focused on the Education system. If not, does anyone know of any authors who apply Foucualt philosophies to a critiqueing of the
> education system. I ordered two recent books by Thomas Popkewitz, but i am looking for more reading. Thanks in advance.
> Ben D.
> Georgetown High School

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