bad (bad[baddest]) writing

I'm inspired to miss the mark.

Oh, to be the most Radical in the room. Oh, to be the most Effective in
the room. Oh, to be {of} Insight. Oh, to be aesthetically maladjusted,
yet handsome or even pretty.

Oh, to vibrate with {new} knowledge and language, and to {re}decorate {new}
space in the room with Class.

Oh, to be the Will, against itself, the Will not to be, as Soren put it,
oneSelf. "Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?" Will I be Effective?

Oh, I can't wait to be a {Tenured} Radical in Higher Education. Such an
Effective, large, sexy, Commercial industry... {?}

To forego Politically Correct with Politically Expedient? To move from
"PC" with "PE" to what? We desire. {That's right. We bad.}

Indeed, public enemies, yet teleologically charming to this dragon or that.
"And we are not saved."

One {Disgruntled} Divine Hammer {who is late to work}.
\jude :\

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