Enlightenment (was Re: Postmodernism & Liberalism)

You've got mail!

What a "discussion." Both Mr. Pithouse's and Mr. Roberts' passion resonate
with me. This initial student commentary certainly has its problems, but
what of this verbiage: "Postmodernism is a passive site of resistance." {?}

Fascinating what stirs dialog 'round here. :(

The student who wrote the initial article might be helped if s/he read F's
"What is Enlightenment?" (and learned to do more sympathetic readings). I
try to revisit that F piece, in thinking about tensions/differences between
"Liberalism" and Foucault. I keep going back. Years now, and things are
not clearer.

"...an attitude, an ethos, a philosophical life in which the critique of
what we are is at one and the same time the historical analysis of the
limits that are imposed on us and an experiment with the possibility of
going beyond them." F- What is Enlightenment? (C.Porter translation)

What is "postmodernism" anyway? Is this Q answered via more citations?

Honestly, I struggle, especially with the extended war (in Higher Ed)
around this term. I think I could be convinced that it implies a
Condition, yet I tend to agree with Bruno Latour regarding the
proliferation of "hybrids": That "we" have never actually _been_ Modern.

One thing is for sure, the discussion of political situations is worth
every ounce of blood and passion. imho. What can we say about the kinds
of discussions we have, here in 1999?

Oh, to be the most Radical in the Room, slaying the bigger Dragon. I
suppose that being an American feeds my cynicism. "Theory in America" may
imply a more direct relationship with Higher Ed Reading industries than
elsewhere. The huge grad student Niche Markets and intermediate level,
undergraduate textbook markets... (add the small niche, cosmopolitan,
coffee table, Barnes and Noble-type, bathroom, art-scene,
often-multi-lingual, and politically active savants).

Accordingly, I'm curious about how folks approach TEACHING Foucault. I
have in mind 18 year olds, and not just the charming 5% who "get it" right
away for whatever reasons. This too is part of history and the ironic
Enlightenment project. Who here hasnt "used" Foucault?

"This philosophical attitude has to be translated into the labor of diverse
inquiries." -F

My impression was that some dragons just conquer, others protect booty.
Many do both in the supernatural ways they do the things they do. Don't
some even talk?

But, then again, what do I know about dragons or their relationships with
Telos for that matter. That's right. We Bad. We Bad.


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