Enlightenment (was Re: Postmodernism & Liberalism)

On Sat, 13 Mar 1999 12:34:19 -0500 Jude Hollins
<jlhollin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote, among other things:
> Accordingly, I'm curious about how folks approach TEACHING Foucault. I
> have in mind 18 year olds, and not just the charming 5% who "get it" right
> away for whatever reasons. This too is part of history and the ironic
> Enlightenment project. Who here hasnt "used" Foucault?

i would offer that all 18 year olds
understand prison. on some level,
they all fight to survive the
ever-growing totalization of high school
regimentation, and "the prison book" can
gain them a critical stance to education.

some won't escape: they pine for in loco parentis,
they write guest editorials for NY Times dictating
the lack of worthiness of their peers,
they long to be identified as bill bennett,jr.s;

in short, their
souls have been devoured.

but others will get it somehow thru the prison book
because it is the
music of their spheres.

(ps) syracuse has a nice program, Project Advance,
which put outs "pomo" (critical thinking)
in the high schools by way of
an outstanding eng comp/rhetoric course
more than just comparable to the on-campus.


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