Re: the concept of "event" and Bush

After reading that last few posts, and the whole thing about
denaturalization of sexuality, I ask, what about the cultural production
of desire, and how does it effect that " free space", which must be
related to the event, I think the event is somehow related to a " free
space", which more or less means
to act out side of the tradition, And how we get to those free places
seems to
be next to impossible.

the duality between hetero and homo seems important at some level , but
what about the effects of biology on the body? If we understand our body
through the discourse of biology, are we not already subjecting ourselves
to a violence of science.
If our desire our constructed by our own conceptions of natural and
perverse desires, are we not already trapped, but how do we distance
from desires which are not our own, or are they our own?
It might be a question of re-learning to be ourselves, or being ironic
about our already trapped condition.


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