RE: Taylor on Foucault and the ethics of reading and writing


Whilst I don't necessarily agree with everything you said, I appreciate the
post which I can only hope will lead to some more thought before posting to
this list.

I despair of this list regularly. Compared to the parallel Heidegger list,
which i've been on for a similar amount of time (over 4 years) the level of
discussion is depressing. There are some very juvenile and ill-informed
conversations here... but i stay around. Probably because occasionally
something good happens, and i've met some very interesting and useful people
through the list.

That said, for a serious discussion of a difficult text - L'hermeneutique du
sujet - I've set up a separate, private, distribution list. It's hardly
resistance to 'aggressive stupidity that causes 'harm' ", but i can't fight
everything that annoys me. So many times i've started a reply to an issue
here, and then thought better of it. I don't have time to engage with every
issue, and particularly not to engage in the back-and-forth it invokes.
Elsewhere when i gave up on a debate i felt was going nowhere I was accused
of wriggling out of it. Sometimes I just have to turn away.



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