Re: Taylor on Foucault and the ethics of reading and writing

Truer words have never been spoken by a Catholic taylorite. However the end
of the human race as you know and suppose it might end, but for the rest of
us it might not be a bad idea. Take William Burroughs for instance, as an
alternative vision of human race andits relations to women; he sees societies
with no women and men at all being in one assemblage, but rather seperate
farms, etc. So as for yer fear of end of race well that is poppycock and you
know it, and if you don,t well know Ye do. Dont take yerself do damn

You also claim Taylor is clear and knows F. well thatis not possible at
least not as far as us other readers are concerned. Anyhow, long live the
human races as seperate sperm farmers. Laldid dida to the awful human shit
box; and down with Taylor's liberal human catholic post whatever thought. he
Wants, as far as I can see to destroy F. Del and Guattari who by the way hes
barely read; In fact U suspect that Taylor cannot read F. I mean he does not
Have the capacity to read Foucault ie his regulative discourse is too far
behind f.

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<< 3) This is not possible because affirming universal
homosexuality would signal the end of the human race -- an ethically
unacceptable result. >>

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