Re: No posts today,

Actualy I am writing a novel about that Foucault is
alive and that he lives in The Sofia Library.Because
there is a man who ressembles to Foucault and when I
see him Im sure that he is Foucault:)

--- Birgit Bock <birgit.bock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hey there are no real discusions going on, on the
> foucault list,
> whats up? I mean I don"t know much about foucault
> and fear,
> I logged in hopping to be mildly entertained with
> some post or another.
> It is a borring day a work.
> How about this for a question, does anyone think
> foucault will rise form
> the the dead, to get this list going?
> Please Entertain me I am borred.
> Jeremiah

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