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-- I don't believe they are seperate but that one is micro and the other
molar. Is homosexuality molar sometimes and if so then the private life of
said gay person -- male or female is the molecular. Would not that be a more
proper D&G framing of the problem?
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>Here's the real question: is the personal really political? Is it possible
>separate a thinker's sexual life from their political discourse via some
>"public/private dualism?" I would think that the answers on the list to
>would be interesting, in light of the Rorty bashing we saw earlier this
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> > I don't know and couldn't care less. Have you ever thought of starting a
> > discussion list of your own, such as "sex lives of famous academics," or
> > "top academics get down and dirty," or something like that? Just think
> > of it: you could be the founder of a yahoo club! (Yes, that is with a
> > small 'y').

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