RE: crippled

As has been pointed out quite often on all of these lists, you can always hit
the delete key. Indeed, on some systems you can simply filter out all e-mails
that Clifford Duffy sends.

Clifford has also posted his own comments on this list and the D&G list. You
may or may not wish to invite that.


>===== Original Message From foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx =====
>I think the point is that this person consistently posts clippings without
comment to this and other lists. If he or she wants to make a point in
relation to Foucault and real world events, great. But that's not what is
being done. The list
>should not just be a dumping ground for anything anyone thinks might be
interesting. Who has the time to wade through that?
>>> N.E.Widder@xxxxxxxxxxxx 07/09/01 06:35 AM >>>
>Why isn't this the place to discuss this? The article opens a lot of issues
>about, for example, the relation of self and other, and the way this relates
>to the continued use of force, violence, and domination (which Foucault
>certainly didn't say was non-existent, even if his studies were more
>with more subtle forms of disciplinary micropowers) in our contemporary
> I could list more, but for crying out loud are people so enervated that they
>cannot think of how to link this and other real world phenomena to
>>===== Original Message From foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx =====
>> Are You sure that here is a place for such disscusions?
>> Clifford Duffy <cwduff@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Guardian Tuesday May 1, 2001
>[snipped out rest, an operation which should be practiced more often by
>on this and other lists]
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