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'Thus formless is not only an adjective having a given meaning, but a term
that serves to bring things down in the world, generally requiring that each
thing have its form. What it designates has no rights in any sense and gets
itself squashed everywhere, like a spider or an earthworm.' - Bataille

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Not that there was anything to remember before the end of the Gaza strip and
the many Palestinians versus the one state monogangster of Israel and One
god gangster monotheism. A Hegel like state over the Pineal gland and Eye. O
paranoia with a black shoe and Gravity's Rainbow. All there is to say is:
There is nothing to paint and nothing to paint with. She feel no need to
justify any of these postings. If you don't care to read them -- and this
was discussed and settled months ago -- in the cafe -- don't you recall --
when we metat the Deleuze conference in London -- even what is his name
again Unleash was there -- he met and we were friends leaping over rocks
with that guy who is so witty he makes one line comments all the time... --
So block them - like some childhood bloc as in you know - However that will
not stop herme from sending them as she sees it fit/misfit She believe that
every single one of these postings is sexy, material rhizome connected with
relays to machine of ...war? yes, perhaps it is real after we speak
of...relevant. They were relevant on their own terms and certainly relevant
and related, connected, what have you to the works of the various lists.
Should sheI, whoever I am, make expository statements? to what worth. A
question as this must be unanswered and for me. What is the worth of such a
statement. Deleuze, Zizek, Chomsky, Fisk, Said, Guattari others have done
this SheI am not a expositor, and never pretended to be, SheI was outraged
and continue to be outraged by the situation of the Palestinians. SheI will
say no more about it.Then will there was rain there was not. Not like Mossad
and KGB CIA -- Not here and that is for sure not certain and she having
mathematize, and Having maintained what SheI perceived to be a pragmanticist
poetic schizoid position quite consistently on that list for some years. nay
a year was a day in the dialectic of the moment.. what shall She change, the
pronouns? the desires for explication in a world already madly
unexplicated?? Wherefore and to whom? To Uswhoever Us is "already." She am
an artist, "I" experiment... so on the other hand She will say there is
paranoia here
it sizzles across my screen.. for instance for months She received private
emails from a fanatical Zionist; SheI suspect that Nate and others were
behind this action; But I was just a fictional character as was Clifford W.
Duffy; Chris Jones was support in that horror; no others. Ok? Andromache??
merely a fiction to spare the real from escaping from itself; Do you read
this and imagine something happening behind the screen or in front of it?
No, so then meet your bride, and go back to your alien rooms masturbate as
you like take them literally. I am Palestinian once said King Jordan. Nice
break that, heh, watch text speak to herself; SheI will not, as did Mitchell
speak in the tones of hurt and anger; SheI cannot, it would be false and
pedestal worshipping. She said once before I have slept with all of us, I
have had relations with many of you, you have been my lovers, my sex and
manys' that is to some sort of plural in the virtual of this space."
A dromos of denial, but no there has been no enemy equal to my kind, SheI
know no philosopher who has been Kathy Acker. SheI pretend no inquiry into
the ordinary, but war and its saints, victims and torturers. SheI suspicious
here are spies on the(e) list? As on others and -- Where are you Derek
Walcott, and Tom Pynchon my old friend, is yer vineland here?? out/in other
areas of the community; some might some why bother? it's too mircro? But
where did you collect your paycheck from O you anti Palestinians who want
explication and comment and you antitextual anti cut-up text readers. Most
of you seem never to have even heard of Mother S .Burroughs and cut-ups.
Meet Sister Gysin? Jerk off in my mouth? Come in my taking from behind??
Writers with blue eyes, pierced eardrums //.. teaching you more than you
kknow So go and sleep/slip sleep with your Shem and Shaun// Meet the
Jungle Boy. She is not your lover// whereas Andromache Filou is mine and she
is orthodox as the host. A consecration to be wished by rorty whores, by
german lovers of Habermas the Heidegger Hitler readers, the sleaze of
half-digested ideas. And you say there are imitators of Artaud, what do you
know of the private lives of Artaud, and how he is here and now with Her.
Her who writes . Her who writes Her who writes
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