Re: reach... the absurd

"Well, from a Foucauldina perspective, I would think
> its because they have accepted the very model of
> biopower and war of the races that justified the
> holocaust."

Isnt that the most absurdious and rediculious
statement in the history? I think it is.Man, i havent
seen whole my life such horrorble statemnt.
Congratualations. I lost my words, sorry..
This guys in israel have that statemnt as a basis of
the Israeli politics - A Jewish is nowhere in the
world safe, except in Israel. Thats what they do - All
the land they are into now belongs to israel since
maaaany maaany years. Long ago, when the celts were
living still on the branches of the trees. The arabs
settled in these places in the middle ages. What
philosophers You are, when you know as much as a
nonphilosophers know. The crusaders fighted the arabs,
whole europe fighted the arabs, the arabs are
expansive, they settle in a land and pretend allah
gave them that land.
Guys, you are all nuts! What is this racism, what is
this biopower. You are notr philosophers, You are just
ordinary citizns of usa and so on, you are not much
different than the midle american, to whom only CNN
can tell who is right and who not.And only CNN can
tell What is What, which is philosophical problems.

Zhivko Georgiev

--- Allen Miller <millerpa@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >>> jehms@xxxxxxxxxxxx 07/14/01 12:27 PM >>>
> Allen I always get your mail in stereo.>>
> Sorry, I think it might be because I'm responding to
> people posting simultaneously to the Deleuze and the
> Foucault list.
> Allen Miller wrote:
> > I'm with Nate. The problem isn't the articles or
> their political content. If you look at Foucault's
> political statments. They are very meticulously
> argued and well documented (whether you agree with
> them or not). He would be the last person who would
> think merely quoting a newspaper article was in
> itself a political statement. This is not to favor
> intellectual masturbation. Rather it's because a)
> documents never speak for themselves and b) the
> issues are too important not to be engaged in a
> thoughtful manner.
> >
> > By the way, you're right. The Israeli army is
> capable of anything.
> Interesting question might be: 'How come?'
> Allen

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