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Sorry, I think it might be because I'm responding to people posting simultaneously to the Deleuze and the Foucault list.

Allen Miller wrote:

> I'm with Nate. The problem isn't the articles or their political content. If you look at Foucault's political statments. They are very meticulously argued and well documented (whether you agree with them or not). He would be the last person who would think merely quoting a newspaper article was in itself a political statement. This is not to favor intellectual masturbation. Rather it's because a) documents never speak for themselves and b) the issues are too important not to be engaged in a thoughtful manner.
> By the way, you're right. The Israeli army is capable of anything.

Interesting question might be: 'How come?'

Well, from a Foucauldina perspective, I would think its because they have accepted the very model of biopower and war of the races that justified the holocaust.


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