Re: reach

Allen Miller wrote:
>it's because a) documents never speak for themselves and b) the
>issues are too important not to be engaged in a thoughtful manner.

so engage them. at least some would be interested to see and learn
how would-be foucauldians might engage these important issues, to
learn about the "no single relevance", etc., etc.

just the other morning -- or rather afternoon over here -- i opened
the morning paper, the International Herald Tribune, and read a story
about some opened archives about a cable in 1941 from a chilean
diplomat in prague indicating what was happening and was going to
happen to the jews. the cable read, in part, "It has been decided to
eradicate all the Jews and to send some to Poland and others to the
town of Terezin, whilst looking for a more remote place".

wonder if the intelligence people and people of intelligence who read
those reports argued about "no single relevance", about whether it
could be read as bio-political racism, or orientalism, the
implications and applications of micro-politics, the role of the
intellectual or the diplomat. maybe they just dismissed the cable as
redundant additions to the morning papers. or perhaps they mused that
they didn't care whether they were being transported by train or
truck, rounded up or surreptitiously disappeared, and were instead
waiting to applaud the diplomat if he could show how whether train or
truck, one parent or grandparent in the definition, male or female
ancestor revealed about the construction of jewish body and goyim
sexuality in contemporary discourse.

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