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By the way, calm down :)))))

--- eldorra mitchell <manynotone@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What is your name again, you, the one there who is
> attacking arab people and saying they are all out to
> kill your idea, your deluded notions... Goodness,
> where does a person like that get off on the
> lists...
> But better that speak here... yes, perhaps to learn.
> No Mister, you err. Not all Arab people wish to harm
> your precious paranoid beings. They, like many of my
> own countrymen are too busy just barely managing to
> stay alive. You are so uninformed.Please go and read
> the history of your noble nation; then go back and
> read M. Foucault and the others, and you might get a
> flash of enlightenment and see how wrong you are.
> How
> very wrong, how devastatingly wrong. And how Others
> pay, how we the Others pay. Or at least Homi Babha.
> I
> will moderate my tone. I will be calm with idiots
> like
> this.
> Yes, may the gods and goddesses, Dharma and Kali aid
> me in the desire to be calm in the face of ignorance
> and murderous stupidity.
> Yours truly and all that rot.
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