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<P>just to add to what you said. I think Foucault also says a similar thing. The only difference is the notion of authenticty. While Sartre conceives/sees this process of self formation/self constitution/self making&nbsp; through reference back to the notion of authenticity, Foucault wants this process to be free of any such constraint. This is what his notion of construction of self or aesthetic of existence means (among other things). According to Focuault reference back to the notion of authenticity is the betrayal of self creation. The same is his objection on Kant. </P>
<P>By the way I think Sartre's influence on Foucault is normally underestimated. What others think?</P>
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<DIV></DIV>Just to clear up one thing: Sartre certainly DID claim that "man makes
<DIV></DIV>himself"; indeed he claimed it incessantly. In fact, even in Search for a
<DIV></DIV>Method, a late (post-existentialist) work, Sartre attributes the view that
<DIV></DIV>human beings make themselves to "the ideology of existence," which was his
<DIV></DIV>name (at that time) for his former view (which he often explicates via
<DIV></DIV>Kierkegaard commentary).
<DIV></DIV>In case, for some reason, anyone wishes to read an example, here is one:
<DIV></DIV>"Man is nothing else but that which he makes of himself. That is the first
<DIV></DIV>prinicple of existentialism." (Sartre, "Existentialism is a Humanism")
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