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Ali Rizvi wrote:

> Steve
> just to add to what you said. I think Foucault also says a similar
> thing. The only difference is the notion of authenticty. While Sartre
> conceives/sees this process of self formation/self constitution/self
> making through reference back to the notion of authenticity, Foucault
> wants this process to be free of any such constraint. This is what his
> notion of construction of self or aesthetic of existence means (among
> other things). According to Focuault reference back to the notion of
> authenticity is the betrayal of self creation. The same is his
> objection on Kant.
> By the way I think Sartre's influence on Foucault is normally
> underestimated. What others think?
I agree, Foucault took a lot from Nietzsche, but must have had Sartre in
his mind a long time. He wrote about many things which were also hot
items for Sartre, i.e. the relation between indivdual and society.



Ditto. I think Sartre was in some ways the looming father in whose shaodow he wrote and who influenced him and other postwar writers in ways they weren't even aware of.


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