Re: the birth of the clinic

--- William J King <bill@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> "Madness and Literature" gives a nice account of
psychiatry's coralling and defining madness. How it
becomes therefore circumscribed, reified, as a
I could get the author if you think it would be
helpful. Dennis.
> I would suggest Freidson, Eliot, The Profession of
> Medicine, NY, 1970
> as the place to start for understandng the 'evil' of
> medical professionalism.
> On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, adam lefstein wrote:
> > hello everyone. i've recommended "the birth of
> the clinic" to a social science friend who is
> studying professionalism, professional knowledge and
> classification systems, especially in education.
> he's found foucault's writing rather intimidating.
> any ideas about secondary sources to assist him in
> understanding those elements of the book that are
> relevant to his interests?
> > thanks,
> > adam
> >

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