Re: ID for Poetryetc sub.

-- Since I have received several back-channels emails asking me to
'identify' myself, I have decided to send this email to the lists.

Dear CW, my name is Genet son of Genet radio genet. I realize that it is
unusal for you(and perhaps others)to accept this. I am not metaphoring, but
simply stating the facts. If you doubt this, I have nothing that I can do
to prove it. But of course, I can, and you do know this, I can simply
withdraw my request. If you do insist on me proving this is my name, well
then I can only iterate that it is. If yet again you will not accept, or
rather if you and the list owners will not accept it, then I have no
recourse but to go the higher authorities. These higher authorities being
the masters of poetic disguise and truth. Please do consult my erstwhile
father's books. I was born to him, yes, Jean Genet, in America. My mother is
black; Genet fathered me when he spent time with the Black Panthers; it was
unusual for him to have any relations with women, but clearly in this case
he did.
Finally, I should point out that as all names on the world wide web are
fictional, that is that they are legal fictions, there is no reason for you
to suspect my name as being other than what is written; your 'own'name and
life on the web are as false and fictional as my own. If you do not beleive
this, then I suggest you contact Chris J who is a member of the -- list; he
will vouch for me. But Lord knows, you might be asking for proof of my
gender next, and for this there is no such proof! On the other hand, you can
also contact the editors of various poetry reviews around and they could
also vouch for me. There is also a certain Kent J.I think his name is, who
could also vouch for me. Finally, I think it sad that 'policing' is
required for such matters. After if poetry is going to be a line of flight,
then let is fly with all its terrors and joys, its cunts and cocks, its
uncles and aunts, its diseased and demented, its mented, cemented and true
truths and partial ones. As for James Joyce, and Artaud well my father knew
them only by hearsay and never met either men. Although I must add that he
came to appreciate the latter's work in his later years.



P.S. About Gilles Deleuze: My father was very good friend's with Jacques
Derrida, but did not know G.D.

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