Re: a request for references

well that's weird in the copy we got back from the list we forgot to cut
Rick's post off at the end
our reads the same as the beginning of what you sent and then at the bottom
is Rick's post to us
asking us to pass on his request
did we only get that maybe?

"G. Green" wrote:

> Hi, I am not sure exactly how this sounded to you but to me, you don't
> give much away in the email.
> Toronto, Canada
> On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, Sissy wrote:
> > I'm passing on a request for references if anyone here has any.
> > Would anyone have a few references for Foucaults work on modern
> > regimes of power, ie., disciplinary and prescriptive forms of power.
> > we are thinking about anorexia as a disciplinary form of power that
> > relies upon
> > normalizing judgment, any references for texts by Foucault, or by
> > others who write about his work that might make these ideas accessible
> > to
> > novice readers.
> > Thanks
> > Laura
> >

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