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--- I do not see the relation in this text between what was being said about
Sartre and the activism of the philosopher, or the intellectual for that
matter. What is the rapport between Monsieur Derrida's signing a petition
and the work of Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze and Felix-Guattari? Is there
an internal connection you wanted to display? If there was, then I agree
because it is quite vivid.A clear strong line draws their work toward the
underdogs of history. Like S. Zizek they were intellectuals who were engage.
Yes, they were, like many of the great feminist thinkers of the 20th century
(Rosa Luxemburg comes to mind) actors. How does you act and write? How is
writing something that is implicated in action? Is it the first level of
action, or something which goes along with it? I would guess that it is all
of this and more; a journalist like Robert Fisk is not an intellectual, but
he does the work of 10 intellectuals in reporting the truth. He does this
unstintingly. It is too bad that not all intellectuals have this capacity, I
mean the capacity for truth, a truth that transcends self-interest. Did Marx
transcend self-interest? I would say yes. But for those who lie around and
masturbate all day there is nothing there never was but the fascism of music
and the body. After the revolt there will be no more music. It is terribly
fascist to have music. It is the fascist thing par excellence. As a ---- I
hear music as a debauchery, a prostitution, a tawdry class confined series
of traps, ruses, and captivities; the capture machine, or apparatus. So what
shit it is. Of course, you will say, some is not, but that is not important.
Some Nazis are I suppose nice guys, as longas they are not Nazis. But if you
are a Noet and read Lautreamont then you know that Poetry is for everyone
and not one. Music tends to be by One for One, no matter the appearances of
its presentation. It is very hard to judge such bullshit. I mean music, how
can we escape it? It, and not those who play and send it out, it is self is
a monster, a hate-filled thing with gnashing teeth that wants to destroy
everything. it really is like a Nazi. A Milosovic. A cheap whore in tawdry
rags, some bitch escaped from the pages of a shit novel, a penny romance for
boys with jerk-off scenes on every page; shit in my Mouth and SHit in my
Face it says, Eat my shit. Loathsome. Yes, yes, you think it is not music
that does this, but the circumstances in which it is produced, and yes, of
course that is so, and yes, capitalism has made it worse, it has become
axiomatized, and now with no more meaningful codes attached to it -- I mean
just like at how the Nazis made Jews play music as they were going to the
gaz chambers -- a perfect example of what I mean -- the decoding of music
began a long time back in the 20 century;; with all of that history behind
music has become decayed and infected and a part of the massive
privatization of the body and its molecule lines of escapadoe. Fuck you
Music. You are Dead, and we can do more to Kill you, to Protect ourselves
from your erratic, abberant, insane, capitalist, disgusting, putrid
controls; You dirty rotten cheap imitation of the body without organs, you
fake piece of shit. Like somany deaths you have shit on us day and night. I
hate you and take the cunt of the head and smash your face with it. A slimy
shit pounding at us day and night, some crap that has made those hysterics
even more powerful. And the musicans are all babies and neurotic, and no one
wants to read any more. And everyone thinks they are a musican but they are
not, they are the demons of music, the objects Music uses to get what it
wants. I shall resume. I remain a Noet here and there in Noetic. I have
liberated the word from the chains of manifestos and big shots.
>Cette semaine, des personnalits juives et arabes ont cr un collectif
>pour soutenir les droits du peuple palestinien
>dont le droit au retour des rfugis chasss de leur terre depuis 1948
>et rclamer le retrait inconditionnel de l'tat
>d'Isral des territoires palestiniens. Parmi les fondateurs de ce collectif,
>figurent le prsident de la Ligue franaise des
>droits de l'homme (LDH) Michel Tubiana, l'avocate et ancien ambassadeur
>l'Unesco Gisle Halimi ainsi que
>l'historien Mohammed Harbi et le romancier Mohammed Berrada.
>galement cette semaine, une centaine de juifs de la diaspora, dont Errera,
>Sfez, le philosophe Jacques Derrida, le
>journaliste Jean-Daniel et le pianiste Laurent Cabasso, ont estim dans un
>texte commun qu'il n'y aura ni paix ni
>scurit pour les deux peuples (isralien et palestinien) sans retrait des
>territoires occups. Le gouvernement
>d'Ehud Barak n'a pas dmantel une seule colonie depuis son accession au
>pouvoir. Au contraire, il a fait plus que le
>gouvernement de Benjamin Netanyahu pour dvelopper et renforcer les colonies
>israliennes dans les territoires
>palestiniens, ont-ils dclar.
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