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I received the following query yesterday. I asked for clarifications and I
provide them after the copied message.

>From: "Sylvain Loiseau" <sylvain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: <C_Stivale@xxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:11:55 +0100
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>Dear Sir,
>I try to create a corpus of French contemporary philosophers (mainly
>Deleuze, but with Lyotard, Foucault, Derrida, and until now). My
>purpose is to apply the tools of "numeric reading" (lexicological,
>stylistic comparison) on philosophical discourse, in order to
>illustrate the creation by Deleuze of new philosophical "genres".
>In order to increase the representativeness of my corpus, I'm looking
>for all writings in digital form (in French), and would be pleased to
>"exchange" texts of my "collection" with other person interestd in
>numeric reading. I can propose text such as "Diffrence et
>rptition", "Spinoza et le problme de l'expression", "Critique et
>clinique", or "Qu'est-ce que la philosophie". If you know where I
>could ask that for, or I you're interested in this project, please let
>me know !
>Your cordialy,
>Sylvain Loiseau

I asked him if this meant he has complete digital copies of these texts,
and the answer is yes. Here is his reply, followed by my translation:

En effet, il s'agit bien des textes intgraux de Diffrence et
Rptition (ainsi que de CC, Qu'est-ce que la philosophie, Spinoza et
le problme de l'expression, auxquels je pourrais ajouter Spinoza
philosophie pratique, Empirisme et subjectivit (et bientt sans doute
Ces textes ont t relus et annots, ce sont donc de vritable
"dition lectronique". Le but (dans le cadre d'une thse) est de
constituer un corpus de philosophie pour tudier les possibilits de
lectures philosophiques lectroniques. Et, en effet, je souhaiterais
changer ces textes avec d'autres personnes intresses par les
lectures numriques : contre d'autres oeuvre de Deleuze de prfrence,
mais galement contre des textes de ses contemporains, notamment
Lyotard, Foucault...
[Indeed, these are the integral texts of D&R (as well as Essays C&C,
WIP?, Expressionism in Phil: Spinoza, to which I could add Spinoza:
Practical Phil, Empiricism and Subjectvity, and soon AO)).
These texts have been reread and annotated, so they are truly "electronic
editions." The goal (in the framework of a doctoral thesis) is to
constitute a philosophical corpus in order to study the possibilities of
electronic philosophical readings. And indeed, I would like to exchange
these texts with other people interested in digital reading: in exchange
for Deleuze works preferably, but also for texts by his contemporaries,
notably Lyotard, Foucault...

If someone would post these to the Foucault and Lyotard lists for me, I
would be grateful.
CJ Stivale

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