Re: structuralism and archeology

theres a strange book called 'history of structuralism', by Dosse I think,
there are supposedly two volumes but Ive only ever seen the first one. its
an unsympathetic one, and not particularly philosophical, but full of
interesting 'journalistic' details, if you want to know about 'the
movement' in its interdisciplinarity and tortuous history. Id like to know
if anyone else has read it what they made of it. I found it useful in that
it contextualised many of the debates, the falling outs, the internal
differences, the birth of schools and institutes in france and their
political vibe, especially in the context of the 60's. even though given
the scope it was obviously generic and generalising, plus the author is an
old humanist. credit to him, cause he 's put a lot of research into it and
managed not to hand out the info with too much bias, {his little subversion
probably amounted to presenting it mostly through the 'individual'
characters and their personal interviews}. but then I have also heard that
the book has caused havoc in france.
theres a chapter on foucault there but its more gossip than anything else.
sure someone else can give you more ref on foucault, my books are in boxes
atm but by memory, the obvious place is the interview called structuralism
and poststructuralism I think [is it in the second or first volume of
foucaults penguin collections?), where he distinguishes between two
elements of structuralism, retaining one as the diagnosis of our time, and
detaching himslef from the structuralist more 'formalistic' neo-kantian
aspirations, maybe in the same one he argues that a bigger influence on
him was formalism. theres also the little volume published by semiotext(e)
of his interview with Duccio Trombadori {remarks on marx}. always a good read.
but then maybe you were after something entirely different...

At 19:28 08/12/2002, you wrote:
>Hello for all
> Im looking for good references about 'structuralism', and also the
>relations of structuralism and the 'archaeological period' of Foucault
>(im sorry for my english :D

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