RE: foucaultian secondary thesis

Han has a full chapter on Foucault's introduction to his own translation of
Kant's Anthropologie. According to Han's report Foucualt's commentry is 128
page long and to be found only at Bibliotheque de la Sorbonne and Centre
Michel Foucautl Paris in manuscript form (the information is corrabated by
Foucault's biographers cf. Miller, Eribon and Macey). There is also
valuable and acccessible discussion in Macey's The lives of Michel Foucault.

I think the commentry is valuable for understanding some of the links which
are obscure in the Order of Things (for example Kant Nietzsche link in
Foucualt and the full significance of his claims about the death of man and
its relation to Kant and Nietzsche). It is also good to get clear about
certain dense formulations in the Order of Things.


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I've never seen the full text of the secondary thesis, though Foucault's
translation of Kant's Anthropologie du point de vu pragmatique is available
(Paris: J Vrin, 1964). As far as i know it's still in print. It has a brief
'Notice Historique' by Foucault, which was also in Dits et ecrits Vol I. I'm
sure comparing Foucault's translation with the German original would be
revealing - i did that with bits of the Binswanger Dream and Existence book.
The story is that the intro to the Anthropology was an early draft of some
ideas later used in Les mots et les choses. That seems plausible, but i
can't say for sure


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Subject: foucaultian secondary thesis

Im looking for texts (or e-texts) of the secondary
foucaultian tesis about Kant antropology. Any
reference, information, article or comment are welcome


> Quiero encontrar el texto de la tesis secundaria de
> Foucault sobre la antropologa de Kant. Agradecer
> mucho si alguno de ustedes me puede dar referencias
> al respecto y sobre textos de otros autores que
> hubieran analizado esa tesis.

"Uma teoria como uma caixa de ferramentas. Nada tem a ver com o
significante... preciso que sirva, preciso que funcione. E no para si
mesma. (...) No se refaz uma teoria, fazem-se outras; h outras a serem
feitas. curioso que seja (...) Proust, que o tenha dito to claramente:
tratem meus livros como culos dirigidos para fora e se eles no lhes servem,
consigam outros, encontrem vocs mesmos seu instrumento, que forosamente um
instrumento de combate." Gilles Deleuze
"Navigare necesse; vivere non est necesse"

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