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Stuart says

>Did I like the course? Yes, in that it was more interesting than Vols 2 and
>3, and that it gave some interesting hints about what Foucault was doing
>with Christianity before his death. It's more about techniques of the self
>rather than sexuality, as Foucault initially suggested Le souci de soi would
>be about. But I didn't think it was nearly as interesting or important as
>the two other lecture courses from the mid 1970s, but that may just
highlight my greater interest in that period of Foucault's work.

I have to say that I actually thought it was just as good. But as you
say one's own interests come into play and I have to say I find the
history of the subject and the way people construct subjectivity and
the self a particularly interesting subject. It is good to see such a
rigorous historical exposition of an area which in contemporary
society is the subject of so much imprecise and self indulgent
Clare O'Farrell
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