Precisely Aris. You get the humour... Re: Drug Gaze

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>Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 11:40:01 +0100
>Aris: Brian, thank you for speaking for me before me: can you define
>'normal society' Lionel? If you've read Foucault carefully, how do you
>think he would react to this response of yours? As far as I'm concerned,
>it only confirms what I wrote in the previous posting of mine, even more my
>suspicion that you seem to identify totally with the mainstream
>institutions and the 'medicial', 'judicial', etc. gazes that you've been

Precisely. You get the humour.

With that in perspective, my experience living with addicts is that they are
more addicted to the process than the drug. The rituals of drugs and the
rituals of freemasonry capture people in the same way. The new world order
is not about control through networks of Freemasonry it is about control
through networks of Drugs.

People who decide to stop their level of involvement with Freemasonry feel a
sort of withdrawl that is not disimilar to people who decide to stop their
level of involvement with drugs. Rituals are powerful, as are social

In years gone by politicians became Freemasons. In recent years politicians
have "admitted" that they were into the drug culture at one time.

Do people start taking drugs because they want to be part of the now "in
group"? Did people become Freemasons because they wanted to be part of the
then "in group"? What will the next "in group" be?

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