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Dear Lionel,

Do you believe that all these UFO sightings are actually aliens planning
to colonise the planet by themselves or is the US government also
involved in a collaboration with them in order to breed alien/human
hybrids that will be immune to the impending viral apocalypse?

This is my last response to this. Any other comments/response to my
previous post by members of the list who are more familiar with
Foucault's work than I am would be highly appreciated.


Lionel Boxer wrote:

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>> Subject: Re: Drug Gaze
>> Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 11:40:01 +0100
>> Aris: Brian, thank you for speaking for me before me: can you define
>> 'normal society' Lionel? If you've read Foucault carefully, how do
>> you think he would react to this response of yours? As far as I'm
>> concerned, it only confirms what I wrote in the previous posting of
>> mine, even more my suspicion that you seem to identify totally with
>> the mainstream institutions and the 'medicial', 'judicial', etc.
>> gazes that you've been mentioning.
> Precisely. You get the humour.
> With that in perspective, my experience living with addicts is that
> they are more addicted to the process than the drug. The rituals of
> drugs and the rituals of freemasonry capture people in the same way.
> The new world order is not about control through networks of
> Freemasonry it is about control through networks of Drugs.
> People who decide to stop their level of involvement with Freemasonry
> feel a sort of withdrawl that is not disimilar to people who decide to
> stop their level of involvement with drugs. Rituals are powerful, as
> are social networks.
> In years gone by politicians became Freemasons. In recent years
> politicians have "admitted" that they were into the drug culture at
> one time.
> Do people start taking drugs because they want to be part of the now
> "in group"? Did people become Freemasons because they wanted to be
> part of the then "in group"? What will the next "in group" be?
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