Drug Gaze is as real as Medical Gaze, Judical gaze or Male Gaze

I wonder what brought UFOs into this discussion?
>From: Aris Mousoutzanis <emous01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Dear Lionel,
>Do you believe that all these UFO sightings are actually aliens planning to
>colonise the planet by themselves or is the US government also involved in
>a collaboration with them in order to breed alien/human hybrids that will
>be immune to the impending viral apocalypse?

My comments concern the dominant discouses in society. In recent years drug
gaze has had an increasing influence on society. With this gaze comes a
discourse relating to drugs, their consumption and their distrubution. My
suggestion is that the drug gaze and drug discourse have replaced that of
Masonic gaze and Masonic discourse of the Modern era. Does Postmodernity
discard Morality Plays for Immorality Plays? For example, if it is legal to
break some laws within one's home will that create a precedence for breaking
all laws within one's home? Will the Morality based discourse of
Freemasonry be replaced by the Immorality based discourse of Drugs? How has
the social order changed?

More interesting questions are:
Why are some people refusing to engage in polemics?
Is there a new discipline based on political correctness as opposed to
truth? What is truth? Has truth changed? Has truth become a lie?
Has a drug gaze contributed to the elimnation of docility and utility?
How has drug gaze become an issue that is de-legitimised to be discussed on
this list (foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)? What power / knowlege
relationship has led some people to deny it legitimacy or worthy of
discussion? Why do some people want the list moderated to eliminate this
Is the security of the western world being undermined by a drug gaze?

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