Re: Drug Gaze is as real as Medical Gaze, Judical gaze or Male Gaze

> How has drug gaze become an issue that is
> de-legitimised to be discussed on
> this list (foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)?
> What power / knowlege
> relationship has led some people to deny it
> legitimacy or worthy of
> discussion? Why do some people want the list
> moderated to eliminate this
> discussion?

in response to this, since i was one of those who
suggested we scrap the discussion, i would say that
none of the above were the reasons for my lack of
interest in the topic. the discussion, until the past
few days had involved very little analysis that would
belong on a foucault mailing list. thankfully, the
tides have turned and this issue seems to have brought
everybody out of the cracks to discuss and suggest
many things which do relate directly to the ideas put
forward by foucault. i was mainly critical of the
discussion because it seemed to be edging closer and
closer to a pro/con drug discussion which seemed to
me, in light of foucaults criticism of binaries,
extremely out of place.

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