Here is the point some of us disagree on: is a drug discourse going on?

There is a dominant discourse in society today that encourages drug use.
Bryan Clark <bryan_clark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> suggests:
>There is NO dominant discourse in modern society which encourages drug use.

Perhaps it is the word Modern that confuses the discussion.
- There was no dominant discourse in Modern society that encouraged drug
- Perhaps there is a dominant discourse in Postmodern society that
encourages drug use.

If there was not a dominant discourse in society today that encouraged drug
use why would so many people be involved in drug use?

There is indeed a drug discourse:
- people talk about aquiring drugs
- people talk about dealing in drugs
- people talk about consuming drugs
- people talk about being caught aquiring, dealing and consuming drugs
- people talk about avoiding being caught aquiring, dealing and consuming

This discourse is what binds much of society together today. In the past,
Freemasonry and other insitutions provided a different sort of discourse.
The Postmodern discourse is about breaking rules, where the Modern discourse
was about conforming to rules. Perhaps society has always been obsessed
with breaking rules; perhaps Modern discourse was about breaking an older
set of rules. What was Modernity all about? How does Postmodernity differ
from Modernity? THere is much debate about whether Foucault was a
Postmodernist or a critic of Modernity?

When Foucault was alive he challenged the status quo. Almost 20 years after
his death his ideas now define (in part) the status quo. So it follows that
if he was challenging the status quo with his discourse, that same discourse
has become part of the dominant discourse. His discourse included drugs.

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