Re: Drugs and Social Reality

--- David McInerney <borderlands@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> "Spontaneously" seems an odd assertion to make.
> America is not an isolated
> country, it is an imperialist power. Perhaps
> Vietnam had something to do
> with it?

i would imagine that vietnam had less to do with this
'event'--it seems to me (and, of course i didn't live
through this era so take this for whatever it's worth)
that the '60's were an escalating trajectory of a
counter-culture revolution that was more underground
in the 1950's but nonetheless existed as a reaction
against the prevailing sterile 'leave-it-to-beaver'
status quo of the post WWII years. the primary
countercultures that were thriving prior to the
sixties were rock and roll(on a large scale) and the
beat generation(on a smaller and probably more potent
scale). i should imagine that it possibly had at
least a little to do with figures like bob dylan
cohorting with beat writers--some of whom were huge
fans of mysticism and marijuana/drug use-- and then
bringing that culture to a group of young people via
popular music(although, granted dylan's music didn't
receive quite the mass audience in those early years
that it later did). and, if you want to continue the
lineage, i believe that the beat writers were largely
inspired by jazz culture in which it is well known
drug use, particularly marijuana, was prevalent.
eventually, of course, the vietnam war rallied many
people into the counterculture but i think the seeds
were planted long before--even by white boys who shook
their hips and made 'immoral' music. once again, this
relates little to foucault so i apologize...

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